Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Overrated/ Underrated #1

In a new weekly series I will be addressing two different things from pop culture and labeling them both... One as being overrated and one as being underrated.

Pretty simple concept so please try and keep up.

Movies, Music, TV.... You know, the important stuff!


Alanis Morissette.

Now she had a decent album with her first release "Jagged Little Pill" but since then has released 4 less than stellar albums. Each contained one or two good tunes but overall they sucked!

She also found time to put out a couple of live albums and recycled "Jagged Little Pill" every chance she had...

I don't think since Don McLean has one artist been able to live off one song/album for this long.

The absolute lowlight of this woman's career had to be the RE-RECORDING of "Jagged Little Pill" as an acoustic album last year. (As if the first version was so overpowering with its' heavy electric sound!) and then actually touring to support it!

Also, I'd like to point out she released the single most annoying song in the history of Music with "Thank You" That song makes "Mambo #5" sound like "Stairway to Heaven"

Alanis needs to go away until she finds something NEW to say. And she also must wear her clothes in all her videos...This point can not be debated!


Beth Hart!

Who is Beth Hart?

She is the woman with the single greatest voice in Rock and Roll history!

Some say, "the best since Janis"

I say, the greatest EVER!

She writes her own stuff and on stage is a force! Check out her tune "Am I the One" from her album "Immortal" to see what I mean. Once that blows you away check out her latest live release DVD/CD "Live from the Paradiso"

Bethhart.com is her official website where you can find sound clips and general info... She's on tour in Europe right now but hopefully will be coming back to tour America this year.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Puppy Love

There's this sick subculture in the world that got me to thinking....

What would a child have to do for a parent to STOP loving it?

It seems to me that every time some sicko serial killer goes to trial the mother of the killer is interviewed by the media and they say "I still love him, not matter what"

No matter what?!

Jeffrey Dahmer's mother said that...

HEY LADY! Your son ate people dicks for dinner! What the fuck?

I came to think about all of this today while surfing the net. While looking for something unrelated I saw a post scream out!


Curious I let my eyes wander the rest of the title...The subtext read... "College girl fucks dog"

Now, I did not download this for many reasons...The main one being I have no interest in watching a girl fuck a dog.

Anyway, I started thinking if this was enough for someone to stop loving their child? I think it may be...

If I had a 19 year old daughter and my neighbor gave me a tape he downloaded off the internet of my daughter fucking a dog I think I would be done with her. That would be it...No more birthdays or holidays. Get out!

I'd disown her on the spot. Let the dog walk her down the aisle someday.

Outraged I called my friend and asked him his opinion. He told me that this is big on the internet and a lot of this type of pornography comes from Europe. I took his word on it as he is an authority on porn.

What is wrong with these people? The world is going to explode because of this type of shit. Even if you believe in God just a little bit you must realize when news of this reaches him/her there are going to be some serious natural disasters to deal with...

I know, I know...I attacked Pat Robertson for saying God caused suffering. But if Pat Robertson said "God caused and earthquake because a girl was sleeping with her dog" I'd have to buy that as true!

Anyway, you may be thinking "what are the signs of this behavior"

Well, first this may be a good clue to look for....

Also, the following may be clues:

If your daughter is caught drinking from the toilet

If your daughter is caught "Cruising the pound"

If your grandson is named "spot"

If this is her first trip to the beach...

If anyone else has any clues to look for I'll post them here.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Photo #1

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

People I Can Do Without #4

This weeks selection is a woman. Someone who used to live a few miles away and now thankfully will be spending her time in Baltimore.

Anna Benson, wife of MLB pitcher Kris Benson, is a shining example of everything wrong in America.

In a word, she's a pig.

A former stripper with fake tits and the largest forehead I've ever seen. Larry David has more scalp coverage than this woman.

She has done nothing to be "famous" really. Other than marry a guy with some talent and whore herself out to the media.

She's a train wreck. A fatal crash on the freeway. People slow down just long enough to look and say "thank god I don't have to live with that"

She has a website http://www.annabenson.net/

You can go there and read about her views on things like gun control and her fantasy of seeing Michael Moore's head cut off... Really compelling and gripping writing.

For a whore.

Imagine Some Tact....It's Easy if You Try

It seems that Canadian film company "Peace Arch" has decided to make a film about Mark David Chapman. Chapman is the scum bag who shot and killed John Lennon 25 years ago. A senseless murder and a loss still felt today by people everywhere. The idea of making a film about Chapman is disgusting all by itself. The fact they are planning its' release to coincide with Chapman's parole hearing in 2007 is more than disgusting. It's all at once shameful and pathetic.

What makes this all the more revolting is the fact they have chosen to shoot the facade of the Dakota Building where the murder happened. I suppose I wouldn't have a problem with this except that his widow, Yoko Ono, the woman standing next to him when he was murdered, still lives in the building.


I can't think of any way to justify this disgusting reminder being thrown in this widow's face. Imagine for a moment if you can..... You are walking home with your spouse and you get to your front door where a lunatic shots them right in front of you! You watch them bleed to death on the front porch. 25 years later, you still live in that house and a film crew decides to film it while making a film on the killer. You can't imagine that can you? No, because it would never be permitted to happen to a private citizen. Why in the world should Yoko Ono have to be subjected to this?

Shame on the city of New York for issuing the permits!

Shame on "Peace Arch" for making this film in the first place and for being so insensitive to the feelings of the victims family!

And shame on anyone who goes to see this film and supports this type of insensitivity!

Feel free to call "Peace Arch" at their number below.
Toll Free: 888-588-3608

This is the movie poster.

They could have made a film celebrating the love and message of John Lennon. They choose this approach instead.

I urge you to not to donate your money to this trash.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Country Named "Sue"

Are your children fat because you fed them McDonald's four days a week?

Did your husband smoke for 50 years and die of lung cancer?

Did a professional athlete say you were drunk?

If so, you should sue them!

That's right, here in America you don't have to actually get up and earn a living! You can wait for others to do it for you and then sue them to collect!

All these lawsuits are getting out of control!

A nice list of them can be found at the following link...


It's time we start making these assholes pay when they lose these lawsuits.

Now if you live next to a company that is dumping toxins into the drinking water and your kid gets sick then by all means sue the shit out of them!

However, if this is your child.....

and they develop childhood diabetes because you fed them fast food as a dietary staple please refrain from blaming anyone but yourself.

It's not McDonald's fault your child is a walking mass of lard...It's yours.

Deal with the fact that your a bad parent on your own dime.... With a shrink, not a lawyer.

And if someone calls you a drunk at a basketball game just throw your beer on them and tell them to piss off!

No need involving a lawyer when a simple exchange of the phrase "your wife is a bitch and she started it" will do.

And for God's sake! If you got cancer from smoking cigarettes for 40 years is it really this guys fault?....

Of course not you tumor! It's yours!

Deal with it my looking into one of these once in awhile

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

People I Can Do Without #3

People who blame God need to kiss my ass!

Idiots like Pat Robertson seem to think God has time to plan earthquakes, floods, strokes and sexually transmitted diseases, to name a few.

Like God doesn't have anything better to do than inflict pain and suffering on every group he doesn't like.

Pat Robertson claims God gave a stroke to Ariel Sharon because he didn't like that Israel was dividing his land.

He also says AIDS is the "hammer and gun" of the homosexual movement in the U.S.

There are many quotes that good old Pat Robertson has made out of hate over the years.

They can be found here....


I have a quote I'd like to share with Pat. It comes from Mr. Bob Dylan...

  • "There's one thing I know, though I'm younger than you. Even Jesus would never forgive what you do....I think you'll find, when your death takes its' toll, all the money you've made will never buy back you'll soul."

And to anyone who watches "The 700 Club" for the "word of God" I would suggest you look elsewhere. If you actually take this man and his message seriously then your souls in much worse shape than you think.

I was raised Catholic and remained that way until "I reached the age of reason"(G. Carlin)

Of all the things I was taught I can't remember hate being one of them.

Something Pat Robertson forgets nightly.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Three Strikes and No Balls

I don't know if any of you caught this story the other day?


To summarize for you, judge, Edward Cashman(pictured above), of Vermont sentenced a man to four months in jail for admitting the rape of a six year old girl. A behavior this sick fuck continued, repeatedly, for 4 years!

That breaks down to one month per rape year!

I would suggest that this judge needs a swift kick in the balls but he clearly doesn't have any!

Meanwhile, in California we have people sentenced to 25 years for stealing cookies and slices of pizza.


There is something terribly wrong here people.

People will argue that child molesters need therapy and rehabilitation over jail time. I would argue that they need to be put to death.

End of story, thanks for stopping by the planet....

Let God figure it out!

If anyone would like to drop a dime to Judge Cashman and tell him your thoughts on this he can be reached at the following phone number:


Make sure to ask for: The "Honorable" Edward J. Cashman, Presiding Judge

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random Vent #7

Women need to stop throwing themselves Birthday parties.

It's enough with this shit!

Every few months I get an email from some woman inviting me to THEIR birthday party!?!

This is the bottom of the bottom people. Truly the bottom.

Don't they have any friends or family that would...

1. Remember their birthday without their help.

2. At least pretend like they did and send the invites for them.

To the women in question...

Basically you're saying... "It's my birthday and I need to feel special at least one day a year" "My dad didn't hug me enough as a child so give me a gift"

Kiss my dick!

That's what I say.

You have reduced yourself to the level of those kids outside supermarkets with the candy. The ones who remind me of their plight and ask for my money.

The difference being, I actually like candy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

People I Can Do Without #2

In our weekly feature I have chosen a group of people that all represent the same thing to me.

Professional athletes that DEMAND to be traded!

Now, if the GM is caught banging your wife I can understand the want and desire to be traded. Same thing goes if the batgirl is stalking you and sending dead animals to your children. These reasons and others like them are a good excuse for a change of scenery.

However, I'm worn out with these assholes, like Miguel Tejada, who claim they just "aren't happy with the direction the team is going" So, instead of earning the millions of dollars they are guaranteed to earn based on their bloated contracts they would rather go somewhere else and win. God forbid they stick around and help turn things around...No, they aren't happy and would like to be traded to a winner.

This got me to thinking about the true victims in all of this... The fans! While these assholes go off and play for good teams we're left behind with the losers. Imagine if this worked both ways?

Imagine this phone call in the early summer of 2004......

Receptionist: NY Mets executive offices

Fan: Hello, may I speak to Fred Wilpon?

Receptionist: Who's calling?

Fan: Joe, from Queens, I'm a season ticket holder.

Receptionist: Hold, one moment.

Insert annoying Mets music

Fred Wilpon: Hello? Joe, what can I do for you?

Fan: Mr. Wilpon, I purchased season tickets after the 2000 season.

Fred Wilpon: Well, that's fantastic! Fans like you is what it's all about Joe.

Fan: Well, I'm starting to think I made a mistake sir. This the third season the team is going no where.

Fred Wilpon: Joe, we understand your frustration and we're committed to building a winner here.

Fan: Well, I've heard this before and I've run out of patience sir. I would like to be traded to the Yankees.

Fred Wilpon: Excuse me?

Fan: I would like you to call George Steinbrenner and have my season tickets traded across town. It appears to me that Mr. Steinbrenner is committed to building a winner in the Bronx and I'm not happy with the direction the Mets have been taking.

Fred Wilpon: Sorry Joe, we can't do that?

Fan: Why not? It's a simple phone call. In fact, I DEMAND to be traded to a winner.

Fred Wilpon: Joe, you signed a season ticket contract with us at the beginning of the year. There are no refunds and nothing we can do. At the end of the year you are free to leave.

Fan: I don't feel like honoring my agreement. I didn't want to tell you this but I have hired Drew Rosenhaus to represent me and he will be calling you to whine if I don't get my way.

Fred Wilpon: Joe, I will not negotiate in mid season.

Fan: That's fine sir, I would like you to know that I will be doing sit ups in my driveway this afternoon and will refuse to report to anymore games until you meet my demands!

Fred Wilpon: Joe, I'm sorry you feel that way but too bad! We've got your money and we're not giving it back. You signed an contract and will have to honor it!

Fan: How bout a free hotdog every third game?

Fred Wilpon: Again, I will not negotiate mid-season. Have Mr. Rosenhaus bring it up during the winter. Good day sir!

And that would be it! A giant fuck off!

Meanwhile these spoiled players aren't happy with their millions of dollars and fame and go on TV and complain to the press and the fans about there current "situations"

Hey Miguel! Do you think some poor slob Orioles fan struggling to put his three kids through college cares that you are unhappy making the money you do? Your suck ass team is a small part of what keeps him from completely cracking at times. It's a few hours of diversion and entertainment. Keep you mouth shut and play ball!

If you don't I hope they put you in a car with T.O., Ron Artest, and all the other crybabies out there and drive it right off a cliff! All the Eagles, Pacers, and Orioles fans can gather, pay $5, and actually have reason to cheer in regards to you losers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesdays With No One

I've had my fill of Tuesdays....I would like to propose the elimination of the day from the calendar completely. It serves no real purpose if you think about it...

  • Monday = Beginning of the week and the start of something new.
  • Wednesday= Hump Day, the downside turn towards the weekend.
  • Thursday= Big drinking night! Also, can represent the end of the week if you take Friday off.
  • Friday= TGIF
  • Saturday= A night out with friends and/or significant others.
  • Sunday= Sleeping late, and Football 5 months a year!
So what the hell is Tuesday? As far as I can tell it's just an election day every four years... Who needs it? We should just take it off the calendar and go to six day weeks. Four day work weeks!

Think about it in broader terms... It will eliminate 52 days a year. Seasons can be enjoyed by everyone on their birthdays. Meaning, if your birthday is in August, every three years you can go skiing. If your birthday is in December, every three years you can head to the beach for your birthday. Granted, you could just fly somewhere now but who needs that hassle and why should you have to take vacation days from work just to be warm on your birthday? You shouldn't!

Now there is another issue...What happens to people with birthdays during the last few days of the month? Fair question and I have the answer... One big birthday day on the last day of the month. We'll call it.... The BIG Birthday Day! Hallmark will LOVE this! As will bars and restaurants... It's good for the economy! Better than any election day has ever been.

I know there are selfish pricks out there who will say..."I want my own day"

Well, to these people I say the following..... Too bad! When you're surfing in February you'll thank me.

There is one much bigger issue to consider as well.... Let's say the average person checks out at 70... If this plan goes into effect tomorrow someone just born will live an extra 10 years! Not too shabby... People 30 will live an extra 5-6 years. I know what your think...It's the same number of days...Well, yes, maybe it is. You glass-half-empty sour ass.

There are many possibilities for this plan. If anyone has one of their own feel free to suggest in the comments section.

Enjoy the worthless day everyone!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Guest Blog #1

As previously stated I will be welcoming guest bloggers from time to time. Anyone reading this Blog may email me a post at the following address... people_places_things@hotmail.com

Posts, if accepted, will appear unedited with full credit going to their original author...

The first guest post comes from the Great State of New Jersey. This guy is angry for sure and one of my good friends....


It has come to this. No longer are my daily rants confined just to what would be my normal voice-carrying radius. A somewhat larger radius than what most might consider normal or appropriate but a finite radius none the less. I come to you today from a medium that I am neither comfortable nor familiar with. A medium of infinite scope and reach. A medium from which my angry, sarcastic, & scoffing tone my not be fully realized do to my somewhat underdeveloped writing skills. I must stress to you that any voice you give to these words in your head should have the inflection of anger, sarcasm and scoff, as that is what represents the true nature of my being. It is in fact my A.S.S. personality that makes me the perfect guest for this Blog as the people, places and things that tend to annoy me quite possibly have the same infinite scope and reach as this medium. I would like to thank my gracious host for allowing me this forum. I would also like to formally apologize to him for staring at or speaking of his girlfriend’s breasts longer than what also might be considered normal or appropriate.

A.S.S. Post #1

I want to speak a little about all you Jesus loving, Kumbaya singing, Yoga practicing, non-meat eating, generally happy and well mannered people who feel it is necessary to hold open doors to make yourselves feel better about your own fucking flower smelling existence. Every morning I wake up and get ready for work. Bleary eyed I make it out of my house, get into my 97 Maxima, and fight my way half asleep through the cell phone chatting, mini van driving, child toting, malcontent commuter motor speedway of death and carnage that is RT 287. Having survived certain demise for the umpteenth time I arrive at work, grab my laptop and stroll peacefully toward the south entrance. I’m now 90% awake and have reluctantly transitioned into work mode. I am collecting my thoughts, and looking forward to my last moments of peace and quiet until the end of my day. I am 15 feet from the door when it happens. Some Jolly, Effusive, Repulsive, Kingdom of G-d loving, Overjoyed Fucking Free and Easygoing person (J.E.R.K.O.F.F. for short) makes eye contact with me. He opens the door widely, smiles warmly and extends his overchunked arm as to say "Welcome friend. I hold this door for you as an acknowledgement of your existence and as a symbol of my concern for your well being." The word "Motherfucker!" rings through my mind as a storm akin to an arctic blast colliding with a tropical depression begins to swell within me. What had started as a peaceful stroll has now transitioned into a hurried trot as not to give the somewhat less than politically correct appearance that I would rather be locked out of the building naked, in sub zero temperatures than have to appear grateful to him for making me run for a door that I am more than capable of opening for myself. I realize that to the casual observer I may not have the appearance of a triathlete. However I do not exhibit signs of physical impairment either. There is absolutely no reason why this J.E.R.K.O.F.F. should feel the need to hold open the door for me less I might find him lacking as a human being. What he fails to consider is that like most other people I already find him lacking. Bottom line is this. The next time you open a door, step through the opening and let it close behind you. Now there is a distinct possibility I may be secretly hoping for the door to hit and injure you in some way, but at least you will have my respect for not ruining my morning stroll.

Can I get a leash?

I'm getting tired of all this "P.C. parenting"

Everywhere I go I have to suffer because kids today have no sense of how to act in public places. I don't blame the kids mind you. I put the blame squarely where it belongs...On the parents.

Parents today need to start hitting their damn kids!

Now, I don't condone child abuse or the senseless beating of a child. However, I do think a good, swift, smack on the ass would do some of these kids some good. Parents today want to "reason" with their children... Hey asshole, you can't reason with a two year old! They do not have the skills needed for reasoning.

When I was a kid my father would smack me in the ass when I deserved it. He put a healthy fear into me at a young age. Not a fear where I would run and hide every time I saw him but a fear that if I did something, I knew was wrong, I was going to pay the price.

Parents today have forgotten how to say "no." That's it!... Just say the word "no." If the child says "why?" hit them with the classic parent retort... "Because, I said so"

Let them figure it out when they get older. Not everything has to be explained in great detail at that exact moment.

If the kid hits the dog in the head with a plastic baseball bat they don't need a five minute conversation on the physics of plastic and the skull make up of a dog! If they receive one and the kid hits the dog again, I hope the dog bites the parent right in the ass!

People today feel the need to be "friends" with their kids.... Excuse me? What the hell is this all about? You child will make friends in life. It's your job to be the parent! Besides, they are going to hate you when they turn 14 no matter what you do... That's their job!

I'm sick and tired of my weekends being ruined by these little shitheads allowed to act like caged monkeys on acid! I'm tired of spending $100 to go out to eat at a restaurant just to have the experience of watching someone feed their child under the table because they refused to sit at it.

Children today are being raised with no ability to understand how the real world works. And it's not their fault!

To these parents I say the following.... Enjoy the teacher conferences and the school phychiatrist meetings. Enjoy the endless stories about the latest job they couldn't keep. And, to the lucky few, enjoy the parole board meetings and weekend visits at the jail.

All because you refused to learn how to say the word "no" to your pre-school aged "friend"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

I'm in the market for a new cell phone. I've been with Sprint for over two years now and I'm being forced to leave.

I guess forced is a subjective word. They would be happy to keep taking my money on time as they do every month. They just don't want to earn it anymore. You see Sprint would rather give a great deal to new customer than give a FAIR deal to an existing one.

That's right...A new customer can walk in off the street and get a better price and nicer phone than I can get after two years!

And it's not just Sprint. It's actually every cell phone company out there. In general, there is a disturbing trend in American business these day to reward the new and screw the old. What do they care if you go? There will be someone new to take your place in a minute or two.

Well, I think this sucks! I have spent over an hour on the phone with Sprint just asking them to give me one good reason to stay with them and they can't. Not one reason. So I will be leaving.

But here's the rub.... None of these cell phone companies can offer me a substantial reason to sign with them. They all have the same phones, basically the same calling areas and the same shitty customer service. The reasons to switch are a few dollars here and there.

So why switch? Principle, I suppose. The principle I was raised on that customer loyalty should be rewarded and the new guy should earn their rewards.

And it's not just the cell phone companies. It's your local gym or your local cable service. It's even your Credit Card companies!

In with the new and out with the old.

The real issue here is the lack of actual competition these companies face. All of the cell phone companies have merged with a competitor. Sprint is with Nextel, AT&T is with Cingular....

So instead of 6-8 different cell phone companies we really only have 3-4. It's bad for the consumer and robs us at every turn.

Your local cable company has no competition in the neighborhood. You have to get satellite as an alternative.

Hell, this is why we have to pay so much at the gas pump America. Over the summer, when the gas companies LIED about a shortage of gas we had no real choice in paying the obscene increases. Why is that? Because instead of 10 gas companies there are only 5 now. There is no chance for a smaller company to undercut the competition because they are in bed with that same competition. So, we pay record amounts and the oil companies return record profits.

It's all bullshit.

Again, sometimes you just have to shop around based on principle. Just to let them know that you refuse to be taken advantage of when or if you have a choice. Sprint is losing a customer just like the Shell station up the road lost one over the summer when they were overly raising prices and ripping me off.

I know it's only a few dollars and in the grand scheme it's not going to show up in their year end reports. However, I refuse to just settle on being a mindless consumer. Someone that refuses to pay attention. If they won't do better by you than someone new make the switch even if it's not convenient. They are praying for and depending on your laziness. Start making them EARN your business.

Imagine that in 2006? You making companies actually work for you! Making them accountable for YOUR investment in them. It's sad how truly Un-American that has become.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Power tripping at the Supermarket

I'm a lazy person in general. I understand the general need not to be busy or overextend oneself.

However, I can't understand being so lazy that you actually make someone else's shitty job even more shitty.

I went food shopping yesterday. While checking out I bagged my own groceries as I always do. Upon finishing the cashier thanked me for doing so. Now, this struck me as odd. Not that someone thanked me for something but it was the way she did it. Like she was REALLY thankful.

So, being the curious person I sometimes am I enquired about her thanks. I asked her "Do people actually not bag their own things?"

She responded that many people do not bag their own items and in fact some people have the balls to actually stand there and tell her what items to put in what bags! They just observe her and direct her as they go.

So I gently asked the woman.... "Are you fucking kidding me?"

She wasn't.

Then she told me another story of a woman who allowed her to bag the entire order and then told her that she wanted paper and made her re-bag the entire order from scratch!

This brings to mind a few questions.

1. Are people really that lazy that they can't bag their own groceries?

2. Don't these people have actual lives to get back to? You would assume they would want to cut there trip to the Supermarket as short as possible. Do they really have nothing better to do than just stand there?

3. Are people really that void of actual self esteem that they would actually bark orders at a check out girl?

If that's how you get to feel empowered in your day to day life then do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and just end it all right now. Cause you're hanging on by a small thread anyway.

And anyone too lazy to bag their own groceries deserves a heart attack ASAP. Get a hobby or a friend and put that time to better use than making a person earning $6.50 an hour work any harder than their shit wage predetermines they actually should.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

People I can do without #1

Every week I will be picking a person that I can do without. Some will be of national interest and other will come from my personal life. This weeks winner...

This fucking kid that went to Iraq.

Let's get this straight... This idiot boards a plane, flies to Iraq, his parents get mad and now he's a celebrity?

Only in America folks...

Only in America does someone get their 15 minutes of fame for being a complete moron.

This kid should marry Paris Hilton and be on MTV in "Newlyweds 2"

Now all these newscasters are saying "He's lucky to be alive"

Well, no shit.

Meanwhile, we've lost over 2,000 of our military over there and this asshole is being celebrated for surviving a 2 day trip? Where is the story of the latest GI home from the war on my evening news? I'd much rather hear about that then this kid.

Also, if he wanted to do a story about dangerous conditions all he had to do was walk around in the "Red Hook" section of Brooklyn. I was there two months ago working until 6:00 AM. I was scared for my life. Where's my call to be on Letterman?

I'm just happy he wasn't killed. If he had been the whole country would have been expected to "feel bad" for him. He's lucky to be alive and I'm lucky I have a remote control. Someone let me know when the real news will be on again.

Monday, January 02, 2006

T.V. On my DVD

Does it strike anyone else strange that almost every television show ever made is slowly but surely making its' way to DVD?

I mean literally every damn show ever made. Surf over to Amazon.com to see what I mean.

I guess I can understand wanting to own something like "The Honeymooners" because you can't see it every day. Or "I Love Lucy" and some of the other classic shows that aren't rerun 100 times a week.

However, who the hell is actually buying "The King of Queens" or "Sanford and Son"???

Who is actually sitting around saying "I'm bored...Maybe I could read this book....Wait a minute, I know, I'll just watch another episode of "Mork and Mindy" instead"

Is it any wonder the rest of the world is getting smarter while America gets dumber?

They attend school on Saturday and we sit around watching all day marathons of "Just Shoot Me"

It blows my mind that we are so bankrupt for entertainment in this country that this crap actually makes the grade.

I know what you're thinking...

"Annoyed, what do you care what people watch"

Well, I don't really except that two of my all time favorite shows are actually unavailable on DVD

"The Larry Sanders Show" - The best sitcom of the 90's and only the first season was released years ago. The idiots at HBO haven't gotten around to releasing the next 5 seasons although every single annoying episode of that bitchfest that was "Sex and the City" is available.

"The Wonder Years" - One of the great, great shows in the history of television. It's a timeless show that was way ahead of its' time while being set 25 years in the past! The idiots in charge of this one can't get the music rights secured!

If you want either of these you have to get them off the bootleg market in really shitty quality.

So, people like me are stuck without them while the rest of the public gets its' fill of "The Nanny" and "Who's the Boss"

So, Delta Studios and HBO studios please get your shit together before I'm forced to watch another episode of "21, Jump Street"....The Greico Years.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

It ain't easy being green!

Red Sox Fans,

I have to thank your team for winning the World Series two years ago. By doing so they ended any and all debate about who the 2nd worst professional team to route for is....Now the WORST team to route for!

The Cubs?


Not even close! The Cubs are the "lovable losers"

The Jets, however, are just plain losers.

I've spent 19 years routing for these assholes.

Now, for the ultimate irony... They don't know how to win and, for the first time ever, they forgot how to lose!!!!

Today was the biggest slap in the face I've ever had to endure as a fan of the New York Jets. This season was a joke. Injury after injury and they just kept losing. For awhile I was still routing for them to turn it around and make a run. The AFC East wasn't very strong this year and I thought we may have a shot of getting into the playoffs. But, as most seasons with the Jets, it was over before week 10. It sucked but there was a silver lining in all of this this year. A HUGE, GLEAMING, SILVER LINING!

And his name was Bush....No not the moron in the White House, I'm speaking of the running back from USC, Reggie Bush. Maybe the greatest talent college football has produced in....well, honestly, maybe ever!

And the Jets had a shot at him. All they had to do was lose. That should have been simple enough considering who we are talking about. But then something strange happened...They kept TRYING to win! What the fuck? I thought. Didn't anyone tell them about Reggie Bush. Surely, they have to be aware that their running back is ancient and they could use a new one. But no, they kept trying to win and won just enough games to make sure they wouldn't land Bush.


BUT......There was another...In fact, there were two.

Matt Leinart
Vince Young

Two young, stud quarterbacks. All they had to do was finish third. The best part was, Leinart is going to be drafted before Young. This is fantastic because, in my opinion, Young is a much better prospect than Leinart. So, all the Jets had to do is finish in 3rd place and they would get a great young quarterback to replace their current stiff under center.

So, what did the Jets do today?


Son-of-a-bitch! Herman Edwards should be fired first thing tomorrow. It's unreal to me that these assholes couldn't win to start the season when it mattered. Then, to end the season, they couldn't fucking lose when it mattered.

Of course, next year, I will be routing for them again because that's what us sick-fuck Jets fans do. We get kicked in the balls and come back for more. Like the dog you fake throwing the stick to and laugh as he keeps starting after it every time. That's what we are to the Jets players and coaches. Just dumb dogs with too much faith.

Happy New Year

Another new year and I'm still pretty pissed. Look for lots of ranting this year and maybe some general comment pieces about things I like that I think others should!

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Happy friggin' New Year,