Friday, October 03, 2008

People I Can Do Without #18

Am I the only one a little bit tired of these "Undecided" voters?

These attention whores who find their way onto CNN and other news stations at the end of every debate. Last night, following the VP debate, I was subjected to another group of these losers.
And they are losers! A lot of "um" and "well" and general drivel flowed like tapped kegs of ignorance as the woman with the mic continued to stick it in each one of their bloated, uneducated faces. They try and use big words and wind up stammering worse than a retarded person with Tourette's. At the end of their "thought" it's always the same line... "Well, I STILL don't know"

In other words, "please invite me back for the next focus group, following the next debate so I can be on TV one more time"

I'm sorry, but we've been at this for EIGHTEEN months! You've had eighteen months to "decide" who you're voting for. If you can't make a decision in that amount of time do us all a favor and just don't vote! Your obviously too dumb to be trusted to do so.

I understood in 2000 when people were undecided. Bush and Gore literally agreed on every issue at all three debates. Dozens and dozens of times they said they agreed with each other. There were no real differences to be found and trust me, I looked.

In the end, I voted for none of the above and cast my ballot for Nader.

I was "undecided"

However, in 2008, that's not an option this late in the game. At this point, after the past eighteen months, it's time to pick a side and decide where you stand. And I really don't care where that is, just get on your damn feet!
There are clear and obvious differences on McCain and Obama's platforms and views.

Whatever your issue...
1. Health Care
2. Education
3. Alternative Energy
4. The Economy
5. Abortion
6. Iraq
7. Pakistan
8. Foreign Policy and how it will relate to discussions and negotiations with other nations.

There are clear differences, in BOTH campaigns, as they relate to personal philosophy and execution of all of these ideas above.
Make up your damn mind!

If you dedicated HALF the time you have whoring yourself out to focus groups these past eighteen months and actually took time to just THINK you wouldn't be "undecided"

And most importantly you wouldn't be on my television and in my living room!

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