Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supremely Wrong

Not sure if anyone caught the Supreme Court's decision today that stated the rape of a child is not a crime that should be punishable by death. Here's the story...

Now, I've been called a "liberal" by a lot of people. Usually by some ignorant asshole that I don't agree with when they say "Bush is doing a good job." Or when I say that I actually beileve that Global Warming is a fact and not a therory. Or drugs and prostitution should be legalized. Feeling that abortion should be kept safe and legal.

Stuff like that.

However, this is where my liberal friend's jump ship....

Today's 5 to 4 majority vote by the Supreme Court is wrong. And not just wrong because they voted it down but wrong because they didn't vote to take it even further.

I'm for the death penalty. A little thinning of the herd never hurt in my opinion. However, I would insist on DNA testing or an admittance of guilt before the sentence can be carried out. Or a video tape or anything else that proves guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. In any case that there's even a 1% chance of innocence then no death penalty. Too many "mistakes" over the years....

Back to the point... If someone is caught and found guilty of raping a child then not only should they be put to death but it shouldn't be "humane" and "civilized" It should be medieval and in line with ancient Rome. There should be lions involved and crucifixions and torture. And when the scum-bag child rapist is one step from death's door we should rush them to the hospital and nurse them back to health. Then, do it all over again. Keep them on 24 hour suicide watch in order to prevent the easy way out. This should continue for years and years just like the emotional scar that child is forced to carry.

And while we're at it I want to extend the law to cover all women and not only the children. ANY pre-mediated rape of anyone should be punishable by death! Period, end of story!

The fact is, sex offenders CAN NOT be rehabilitated. They WILL rape and molest again. And Child rapist will NEVER stop wanting to fuck with kids. The may "control" the urge by eventually they will hurt another child.

The court ruled that because it doesn't involve the act of ending a life it can not be punishable by death. See, I disagree. I think that's EXACTLY what raping a child does. It takes their life from them. Not in a literal sense but in the sense that it forever changes the life they would have had. It robs them of more than their breath as it literally takes a chunk of their souls.

The Supreme Court got it wrong today.

Today is one of the few times I can ever recall not wanting to be called a "Liberal."