Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Since It's Almost 2007

Maybe it's time for people to start pealing their 2004, presidential stickers off of their cars! Every time I go for a drive I see this sticker...

I get it, what you are trying to say, without actually saying it is...

"We told you so"
"I didn't vote for Bush"
"Don't blame me"


Excuse me, but kiss my ass! What that sticker actually says is...

"I voted for a limp dicked moron who couldn't beat the worst president in history!"


Jimmy Carter could have beat Bush in '04.... JIMMY CARTER!!!!

But John Kerry couldn't. Couldn't do it. He tried and he FAILED! Peel that sticker off you car.

How many "Buffalo Bills, World Champion" stickers have you seen lately?

None, that's how many. Why? Cause they lost... You back your horse and when your horse comes up short you put it out to stud... Unless it's a limp dick like John Kerry, then you just shoot it!

You under no circumstance let it RUN AGAIN????

What is this?

Are you kidding me?

There are actually people buying these stickers and placing them on their cars.

I'm gonna get me a "New York Knicks, World Champions '07" sticker and place it right on my bumper. And when people ask me what the hell I'm thinking, I'll just say... "I'm a Democrat"

And they'll understand.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Code of Silence

Apparently 41 shots into an unarmed man isn't enough in New York City anymore... Nope, these days it takes a cool 50!

That's right... 50 shots into an UNARMED man.


Now we have to deal with Al Sharpton marching in the streets!


Thanks a lot NYPD!

The sad thing is no one is really shocked by this... It's just another case. Then again, why should anyone be surprised?

Garbage in.... Garbage out.

Why does anyone want to be a cop? I've come up with two answers.

1. Good people who want to make a difference in people's every day lives. These are the cops like my cousin and my girlfriend's friend "chicken"

These people make up about 20% of the police force.

2. Assholes, who have ALWAYS been assholes who's father's and classmates kicked the shit out of them growing up. People who always felt "disrespected" and not "taken seriously." Guys who couldn't get laid in a whore house and women that hate men.

These are the other 80%

These assholes figure "I'll get a badge and a GUN, and then people will have to take me seriously!"

IS it any wonder they fucking shot people? UNARMED people!

Think about the biggest asshole you knew in High School. The guy everyone hated...

This guy is now carrying a gun!

Meanwhile, the police department are "investigating" to see if it was a "good" shoot!

50 good ones?

Ducking for cover....