Thursday, December 29, 2005


I'm a liberal at heart and I lean left on most political issues. I favor legalized prostitution, legalized marijuana, and social programs for the poor. I'm against the ownership of assault weapons and am pro death penalty in certain cases.

With that said I'd like to say how much I hate the ACLU.

I know, I know...."They do a lot of good"

Yes and no.

I think sometimes in life you have to pick and choose your battles. Not every life is worth fighting for in my opinion.

I'll give you an example.


The law that requires a neighborhood to be notified when a sex offender moves in next door.

What the fuck is wrong with ACLU? I've seen them on TV talking about "the rights" of the molester.

Now I'm of the opinion that if you molest or assault a child in anyway you have now forfeited your "rights" and should live the rest of your days in shame and ridicule. In fact, I don't think Megan's Law goes far enough. I favor the tattooing of the words "Child Fucker" on BOTH sides of your face.

The ACLU is so misguided and blind sometimes it's actually sickening.

I have an idea for a new reality show.

"The Molester Next Door"

What we do is we find an ACLU fuck head family with 4 young kids and move a child molester in next door. We can observe as the Molester is invited to dinner and is asked to babysit the kids one Saturday night. After all, they have paid their debt to society and should not be judged past the time they served.

What do you say ACLU? This show will raise tremendous "awareness" how child fuckers are just like everyone else!

No? Why not? Oh, because you don't want those type of people living near and around your children? Well, neither does anyone else so shut up and go do something better with your time.

I'm sure there's a candle light vigil for a serial rapist somewhere that needs attending.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The law needs to be changed so that child molesters can't get out of jail. Ever.

Then the ACLU can turn their attention elsewhere.

5:19 PM  
Blogger GOPBUDDY said...

I knew I'd agree with you on some things. I do think the ACLU are normally off base. Unfortunately the good people here(Harrison Co)are going to be paying their legal bills. Our Board of Ed is keeping up picture of Jesus Christ, which they had been asked to take down & their attorneys told them they should, in a high school. This is one time I agree with the ACLU. The sad thing is b/c our Board won't listen to their attorneys they will end up spending money that could be used for other important things. GOD BLESS

12:37 PM  

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