Wednesday, May 10, 2006

People I Can Do Without #7

Drowning yourself is NOT a trick!

Neither is starving yourself or freezing yourself or burying yourself.

A trick needs to involve actually tricking someone.

David Blaine used to do really cool magic tricks. You know, back when he was a magician. He would walk around and freak people out by setting them up with these really weird and wild tricks.

One day he must have gotten bored with that and decided that people will watch someone do anything stupid if you just put it on television during prime time. Oh, and if it could be during sweeps, that would be even better!

The only trick he's pulled off in the past few years is having people watch two hours of their lives disappear forever.


I'm hoping the next special will be "David Blaine, Burned Alive"

Anyone got a match?


Blogger Rusty said...

It was funny until you said "David Blaine, Burned Alive."

Then it became freakin' hilarious.

5:14 PM  

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