Monday, January 09, 2006

Can I get a leash?

I'm getting tired of all this "P.C. parenting"

Everywhere I go I have to suffer because kids today have no sense of how to act in public places. I don't blame the kids mind you. I put the blame squarely where it belongs...On the parents.

Parents today need to start hitting their damn kids!

Now, I don't condone child abuse or the senseless beating of a child. However, I do think a good, swift, smack on the ass would do some of these kids some good. Parents today want to "reason" with their children... Hey asshole, you can't reason with a two year old! They do not have the skills needed for reasoning.

When I was a kid my father would smack me in the ass when I deserved it. He put a healthy fear into me at a young age. Not a fear where I would run and hide every time I saw him but a fear that if I did something, I knew was wrong, I was going to pay the price.

Parents today have forgotten how to say "no." That's it!... Just say the word "no." If the child says "why?" hit them with the classic parent retort... "Because, I said so"

Let them figure it out when they get older. Not everything has to be explained in great detail at that exact moment.

If the kid hits the dog in the head with a plastic baseball bat they don't need a five minute conversation on the physics of plastic and the skull make up of a dog! If they receive one and the kid hits the dog again, I hope the dog bites the parent right in the ass!

People today feel the need to be "friends" with their kids.... Excuse me? What the hell is this all about? You child will make friends in life. It's your job to be the parent! Besides, they are going to hate you when they turn 14 no matter what you do... That's their job!

I'm sick and tired of my weekends being ruined by these little shitheads allowed to act like caged monkeys on acid! I'm tired of spending $100 to go out to eat at a restaurant just to have the experience of watching someone feed their child under the table because they refused to sit at it.

Children today are being raised with no ability to understand how the real world works. And it's not their fault!

To these parents I say the following.... Enjoy the teacher conferences and the school phychiatrist meetings. Enjoy the endless stories about the latest job they couldn't keep. And, to the lucky few, enjoy the parole board meetings and weekend visits at the jail.

All because you refused to learn how to say the word "no" to your pre-school aged "friend"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! Having taught these children when they grow into 12 and 13 year olds, I can tell you they turn into little jerks. The most amazing part is that parents just don't understand why little Joe or Jane is acting this way. Maybe if you tried to parent once in awhile instead of constantly buying them off with expensive toys, you would raise decent kids!

12:09 PM  
Blogger CleaningPressingAlterating said...

We do say no to the rugrats. And we take them out to restaurants, and they DO NOT eat under the table, they eat in their highchairs, and wear bibs. And it's because you are right.

10:58 AM  

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