Sunday, March 26, 2006

People I Can Do Without #6

Unless you're shipping out to Iraq it's time to take the army fatigues off!

I love these assholes walking around, dressed as soldiers, pretending to be hard asses. If they were really that tough they'd volunteer to ship out and defend our country from the "evil doers"
But, alas, they just sit at home playing "Tour of Duty" on-line, with some losers they met in a fucking chatroom.

I think tomorrow I'll dress up like a doctor or a pirate! That sounds like fun!

It's against the law to dress up and walk around acting like a cop.... Why we look the other way as a society when it comes to showing the same respect for the uniforms of the men and woman of our armed forces is beyond my understanding.
"We do it to support the troops"
Blow me!
You want to support the troops? Enlist fucker!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random Vent #9

Your Dog needs to be bigger than my cat!

All these "toy" and "miniature" dogs are just rats on a leash in my opinion.

Grown, heterosexual, men who walk these dogs proudly deserve a smack in the back of the head and a testosterone check-up. They like to blame the wife or kids for this animal landing in their house but we know better. Any man worth his nuts would stand up and say "to hell with this...I'm getting a Great Dane and hoping he eats this rat" or better yet flush it down the toilet!!

As it yaps and yaps as the bowl sucks it in the kids my run in and scream and cry. Just tell them "Kippy went to find Nemo"

They'll get over it as soon as the Labrador Retriever shows up!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006