Friday, April 28, 2006

Shark Jumping, 101

Note to David Chase...

Your show SUCKS!

Your once glorious, wonderful, best show on television is now just a poor imitation and caricature of itself!

The season started out interesting with the "other life" plot and the struggle for power within the "family." Now, Tony is awake and it's business as usual for the viewer. Which is to say, I want a fucking refund!

It's the writing that sucks, with all of the dropped plots (see: the Russian in the woods or Furio in love with Carmella) The writers continue to paint themselves into corners and then wait for the paint to dry before just moving on to the next room, leaving the corner untouched! Never and explanation for the huge hole in the story. Never!

So far this season has been about five things...

1. Tony getting shot and almost dying.

This was dramatic for about 2 seconds until the viewer said to themselves "There are 19 more of these turds to view. I doubt I'll be viewing them without Tony"

2. Paulie's Nun of a mother.

This wasn't interesting for even two seconds.

3. The gay mobster.

Holy shit! When I saw him dressed in the motorcycle leather I nearly cried. Hopefully this gets resolved this week. Otherwise, we will be dealing with another Adriana and the FBI sub plot. The 20 week variety that only got resolved because of another turd named "Joey"

4. Artie's restaurant.

Was I the only one wishing Vinnie Delpino shoved his whole head into the pot of sauce instead of the hand?

5. Christopher's movie.

The Ben Kingsly cameo wasn't funny it was lame, just like the whole fucking subplot! Really the bottom of the barrel.

What I can't figure out is what took so long to get this shit on the air? Two friggin years of waiting for this shit?


If this was the best they could come up with I wish they had just stayed away. David Chase should be strapped to a chair and be made to watch "Deadwood", "Rescue Me", and the first two seasons of "The Sopranos" until he remembers what good television is all about.

Cause, this ain't it.