Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random Vent #7

Women need to stop throwing themselves Birthday parties.

It's enough with this shit!

Every few months I get an email from some woman inviting me to THEIR birthday party!?!

This is the bottom of the bottom people. Truly the bottom.

Don't they have any friends or family that would...

1. Remember their birthday without their help.

2. At least pretend like they did and send the invites for them.

To the women in question...

Basically you're saying... "It's my birthday and I need to feel special at least one day a year" "My dad didn't hug me enough as a child so give me a gift"

Kiss my dick!

That's what I say.

You have reduced yourself to the level of those kids outside supermarkets with the candy. The ones who remind me of their plight and ask for my money.

The difference being, I actually like candy.


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